How do I become a supplier?

EKM is always prepared for when opportunity comes knocking. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of future cooperation. Contact us.

What does CIF and FOB mean?

These are common shipping/logistical terms used to describe the relationship between the price payable in exchange for the product or service provided. When providing you with a quote, we will specify which of the above is applicable to you. Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) – This means that the price quoted is inclusive of all expenses incurred until the cargo reaches its Port of Destination (POD). You as the buyer, will only be responsible for the charges incurred starting when the cargo is offloaded from the vessel. Free on Board (FOB) – This means that the price quoted is inclusive of all expenses incurred until the cargo is safely tucked away on-board the carrier ready for shipping. You as the buyer, will be responsible for shipping charges and the charges incurred in the Port of Destination.

I’m not sure about the particular variety of fruit I need?

Not to worry, our experts are always on hand to assist. Please contact us with your questions so that we can aid you in determining the product that will best suit your needs. Contact Us

What does “count” mean?

“Count” is a term used to determine the size of a piece of fruit. Counts may differ depending on the kind of commodity, the kind of packaging used and the geography of the transaction. The term literally describes the number of fruit that can be packaged in a single carton. So for example, if the count is 125, this means that 125 pieces of fruit can be packed in that carton. The higher the count, the smaller the piece of fruit.

How is the fruit packaged?

When is the fruit available?

EKM strives to be able to meet your produce needs throughout the year. Rest assured, if the fruit that you are looking for is being harvested somewhere in the world, we’ll find it. For more information, please refer to our availability calendars.

Where does EKM get fruit?

We take quality very seriously. We only source fruit from reliable suppliers who hold quality and professionalism in as high a regard as we do. All of our suppliers conform to various international quality, safety and traceability standards ensuring that you can expect nothing less than fruit of the utmost quality.

I want to meet with a representative before ordering fruit.

EKM believes in building long term, mutually-beneficial relationships through transparency and consistent communication. Friends of ours are welcome to visit us in Sunny South Africa any time. Our international sales teams are always traveling, should Africa be a bit out of the way, contact us to see if we could arrange to bump into you somewhere closer to home. Contact Us

Which markets does EKM supply fruit to?

EKM does business on 5 continents, supplying and procuring beautiful fruit for 12 months of the year. Global Operations

The GOGO Group is comprised of:

Who is GOGO Fruit and what is EKM Exports’ relationship with GOGO?

GOGO is EKM’s premium citrus range. The GOGO Brand is our flagship product that we have been successfully distributing across the world for over a decade. EKM is both the owner of the Brand, and a major stakeholder in GOGO Fruit South Africa. GOGO is a pristine example of what EKM is capable of in that we brought a group of proudly South African growers together to work towards a common goal. Building up a premium brand from the ground up that embodies our absolute commitment to quality product and innovative business solutions.

What kind of fruit can EKM supply?

Orange - ValenciaValencia
Delta Seedless
South Africa, Spain, Egypt, USA
Orange - NavelNavel Rustenburg Late
Witkraans Late
Navelate (Cambria)
Cara Cara
South Africa, Spain, Egypt, USA
South Africa, Spain, Egypt, USA
Grape FruitStar Ruby
South Africa
Table Grapes – White Seedless
Table Grapes – White SeededThompson/Sultana
South Africa, Namibia
Table Grapes – Black Seeded
Table Grapes – Black SeedlessAlphonse
Dan Ben Hannah
La Rochelle
Black Gem
Midnight Beauty
Autumn Royal
South Africa, Namibia
Table Grapes – Red Seedless
Table Grapes – Red SeededFlame
Red Globe
South Africa, Namibia
Table Grapes – Green SeedlessWaltham CrossSouth Africa, Namibia
Apples – Green Granny Smith South Africa, China; France, Kenya
Apples – RedFugi
Red Delicious
Red Delicious: Top Red
Red Delicious: Starking
Red Prince
Jonagold Red Prince
Jonago Red
Royal Gala
Cripps Red/Sundowner
Cripps Pink/Pink Lady
South Africa, France, Holland, USA, Poland, China, Japan
Apples – GoldenGolden DeliciousSouth Africa, Poland, Holland, France
Apples - OtherLigol
Poland, Holland, France