GOGO Fruit

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GOGO Fruit

GOGO Fruit is a South African based fresh fruit production company. Lead by Eben Kruger as Managing director. GOGO is our Premium citrus Brand and our flagship product. As the proud owners of the GOGO Brand we stand by our promise of absolute quality. Rest assured, if it comes out of a GOGO box, you will be met with fruit of exceptional standards.

Who is GOGO Fruit and what is EKM Exports’ relationship with GOGO?

GOGO is EKM’s premium citrus range. The GOGO Brand is our flagship product that we have been successfully distributing across the world for over a decade. EKM is both the owner of the Brand, and a major stakeholder in GOGO Fruit South Africa. GOGO is a pristine example of what EKM is capable of in that we brought a group of proudly South African growers together to work towards a common goal. Building up a premium brand from the ground up that embodies our absolute commitment to quality product and innovative business solutions.

Which markets does EKM supply fruit to?

EKM does business on 5 continents, supplying and procuring beautiful fruit for 12 months of the year. Global Operations


How do I become a supplier?

EKM is always prepared for when opportunity comes knocking. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of future cooperation.

Where does EKM get fruit?

We take quality very seriously. We only source fruit from reliable suppliers who hold quality and professionalism in as high a regard as we do. All of our suppliers conform to various international quality, safety and traceability standards ensuring that you can expect nothing less than fruit of the utmost quality.