GOGO Logistics

Gogo Logistics

GOGO Logistics is a freight forwarder and logistics service provider operating globally and specializing in the facilitation of perishable products and dry goods from producer level to customer.

GOGO Logistics is committed to offering its customers the products, solutions and services they need at the best price possible. Passionate about what they do, inventive, and enterprising, the team at GOGO Logistics undertake to design bespoke services and to carry out those services with the utmost transparency, respect for the commitments and compliance.

GOGO Logistics’ commitment to its social responsibility is reflected in the Group’s Ethics Charter and contributes to protecting the environment and that foster sustainable development.

Constantly adapting to its customers’ changing needs, the company has enriched with a high added value that draw on an in-depth experience and understanding of different industries, as well as the constant quest for improvement and optimisation that is central to the company’s own culture and values. it is a non-negotiable to offer anything less than the best and as such, we ensure that our customers receive a unique, quality and cost efficient freight service at all times. Each activity has its own logistics needs, which is why GOGO Logistics has developed the specific expertise required in a range of different sectors, all of which are backed by a network of experts on every continent, customised operational tools, clear-cut processes and logistics techniques