What we Do

We export fresh fruit. Need we say more?

Since our inception in the year 1999, we have been meeting the world’s fruit needs promptly, professionally, absolutely.

Global Operations


GOGO is THE Brand in the Far East. It is a Super Class product created specifically to meet the needs of the world’s strictest and most regulated markets in the world. It is a brand that people know and a brand that people trust. EKM has spent over a decade marketing GOGO and cultivating a brand identity in the Far East that is synonymous with fruit of only the highest quality.The Kruger’s roots in agriculture have always run deep. Yet another tribute to this is Eben’s son Brendon Kruger who, after graduating from high school, moved to Guangzhou, China. Brendon’s goal, was to fully immerse himself in the operations of the world’s most highly regulated fruit market. He manages all of the exports to China and the Far East. Brendon has an excellent grasp of the Mandarin language and he ensures that our hands-on approach to quality lives on.


The GOGO Brand has seen some remarkable success in the Middle East over the years. Our mission in the Middle East follows on the realization that the Middle East has become a market of connoisseurs and not a dumping ground for sub-standard fruit. We endeavour to maintain our reputation throughout the Middle East as a brand that people can trust, “A brand that is absolutely committed to providing only the finest quality of fruit, year in and year out.” says Eben Kruger.


EKM has been exporting fruit to the markets in Europe for over 15 years. No season is like the one before it. We pride ourselves on remaining dynamic in the European market. Competition is tough and returns vary as the market is very sensitive to supply/demand and other economic factors. At present we export a large volume of fruit to the Europe, while also procuring various commodities from suppliers in relevant countries. We are privileged enough to have long standing relationships with some very reputable companies in the EU and we intend on maintaining a strong footprint in the years to come.


EKM is a competitor in the markets of Eastern Europe. Doing business in these markets is no cake walk. We like to believe that we understand them well, as we have been doing business in these markets for some time. We believe that the key to success in these markets is maintaining close personal relationships and being very hands-on.