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EKM Exports is a proudly South African export company that specializes in the production, procurement and export of fresh produce from around the world. We go out of our way to meet your fruit needs promptly, professionally, absolutely. A company built by producers, for producers. We believe in doing what other companies won’t, to achieve results that other companies can’t. We believe in staying ahead of the curve. We believe in challenging the status quo. We are EKM Exports.
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We export fresh fruit. Need we say more? Since our inception in the year 1999, we have been meeting the world’s fruit needs promptly, professionally, absolutely.


Who is GOGO Fruit and what is EKM Exports’ relationship with GOGO?

How do I become a supplier?

EKM is always prepared for when opportunity comes knocking. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of future cooperation.

Where does EKM get fruit?

We take quality very seriously. We only source fruit from reliable suppliers who hold quality and professionalism in as high a regard as we do.

As captain of the South African cricket team,

the 2014 ICC ODI player of the year and loving husband, AB De Villiers’ name strums the heart strings of proud South Africans and sports fans throughout the world. AB is a blazing symbol of hope for those following their dreams.

As the number 1 ODI batsman in the world he is the epitome of physical fitness, of strength and of courage. He is AB De Villiers, THE face of GOGO Fruit

What does “count” mean?

“Count” is a term used to determine the size of a piece of fruit. The higher the count, the smaller the piece of fruit.

New in South African citrus season 2014:

For as long as can be remembered, chemical compounds have been used to treat oranges post-harvest. Increased awareness of apparent harmful side-effects is rapidly changing the world’s outlook on the use of these chemicals. Read more
Gogo News

South Africa: GoGo Fruit announced new marketing strategy

Eben Kruger Marketing and GOGO, a leading Group of South African citrus producers have announced that their group’s marketing activities and strategy for the 2013 season will be rolled out and managed by Cool Fresh International and 4Fruit Company, two Dutch fresh produce trading houses. Read more

Five-Star Citrus

Not unlike the story of other successful companies, GOGO Fruit’s inception was sparked by a need identified by an intuitive entrepreneur. Eben Kruger saw that importers, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers were looking for high quality fruit to match the standards demanded by their customers, but at the time finding fruit of that excellence in the volume required and from one reliable source was considered rare. Read more

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GOGO Fruit

Fresh fruit production company. Read more

GOGO Coldrooms

Nestled in the heart of what is widely regarded as one of the world’s best citrus growing... Read more